Guitarist Jelle Willems merges old and new in his group, consisting of Loran Witteveen (The Netherlands) on piano, Pedro Ivo Ferreira (Brazil) on bass and Tancrède Derijard-Kummer (France) on drums. Jelle Willems is a recent graduate from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. After having spent a period in Paris, taking lessons from renowned European musicians such as Nelson Veras and Bo van der Werff, he turned to writing original compositions, thus fulfilling the need to express a personal and unique musical voice. The compositions written by him are the result of a long lasting interest and study of the music from French composer Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992). The symmetrical structures and scales that can be found in this music are implemented by Willems in a organic way in his compositions and improvisations. The unique approach of all the band members make for an open interplay, grounded by the symmetrical and harmonic structures of the music and the virtuosity of each individual.